Self-Defense Training Drills that work by using the body’s natural reactions. These drills will stay focused on helping to improve threat recognition, critical thinking during high stress, and improve decision making.

By using the body’s natural reactions during an ambush. Self-Defense Training Drills help you to effectively respond under a dynamic critical incident. While nothing can prepare you for everything that can happen. You can train to put your body on autopilot. Once you have made the choice to defend yourself.

Make sure there are more benefits from the drill you are training than there are risks. Practicing the wrong drill can cost you hours and days later. That is why the drill needs to fit your goals. The drills posted here are not a training program.

It is up to you to pick which drills will have the most benefit to your goals with the lowest risk for an injury.  Consider the benefit to each drill and determine if it works in your training goals The drill should improve your natural response and not have you perform something that will slow you down.

Self-Defense training drills should also focus on training you to identify the threat. Shooting quickly and accurately to stop the threat. Focus on finding cover or at least concealment. They should also make sure that you are not shooting in a routine. As a result, they should also be realistic. For example, if the drill has you standing still and putting two shots to the center and one to the head. That is not realistic training, attacks generally happen fast, without warning and cause extreme stress.

Remember to always stay safe while practicing and follow the industry-standard safety rules.