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Siwatu-Salama Ra

Gun Stories Ra Vs Harvey


I am a father, and grandfather, who has a Masters's Degree in IT & a certified USCCA concealed carry & home defense Instructor. I became disabled from work injuries early in my adult life. I also spent most of my life being anti-gun however, after a few years of research and re-evaluation. I switched my focus from anti-gun to learning about guns. I am now the author of "From anti-gun to pro-gun and beyond". My goal is to become an Instructor for people wanting to conceal carry and learn self-defense. I am focused on sharing everything we learn here at RGD Reviews. This site was not set up to make money, although any donations and book proceeds will go to sharing future training. We thank everybody for taking part in our site and hope you find something that helps you in your gun journey.

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