LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pistol

LaserLyte Trainer Pistol

  • Realistic size of a: GLOCK 19
  • Resetting trigger flashes dot
  • Shows you exactly where you hit
  • Cames with Allen wrenches to zero in your sights
  • 5.5lb realistic trigger pull
  • Safe to use indoors
  • Has a very good battery life
  • Familiar weight to the actual pistol

It is very affordable compared to other manufactures with many of the same features.

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The Laserlyte trainer pistol is a safe way to practice without the wear and tear on your own personal firearm. It works with several free apps and keeps your training fresh. Laser pistols have quickly become a go-to tool for many firearm trainers across the nation.  Laserlyte trainer pistol is one of the most inexpensive laser pistols available today.  It also works with rumble cans and laser targets that will notify you of any hits. You will see a visual response to every trigger pull and the realistic sights make it great for learning how to aim.

If I had to say there was one downfall it would be in the grip. After long periods of training my hands tend to get sweaty and want to slip slightly. To offset this I also ordered an adhesive grip tape that stops that from happening. You can train for almost everything prior to going out to the range. Being it is a G19 replica you can use your normal holster to practice your draw, stance, sight alignment, grip, and trigger pull without the worry of an unintentional discharge.  If you combine it with a laser trainer for your pistol like the CheapShot Tactical Training Laser.  You can train anytime anywhere without the dangers that go with handling a loaded firearm.



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